Gizmodo | Real-Life Human Puppets

by Matt Buchanan

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Mind control. The thought that somebody else could control everything you do is kind of creepy. Even in a crude form, as you can see in little experiment from four ITP students, called Human Puppets. [ITP]

The TMG (Telemyograph) is an investigation in active empathy. The device reads muscle activity from one individual and “writes” it to another person by electrically stimulating their muscles.

The muscle activity is read using a surface EMG (electromyograph) that detects the electrical potential of a muscle’s movement near the surface of the skin. The signal is translated to an electrical stimulator mapped to the same muscle on another person allowing that person to feel the actions of another person; in essence creating an active empathetic experience.

TMG is a project developed by Stepan Boltalin, Alex Dodge, Ezer Longinus, and Johnny Lu at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

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